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MadLab Digital is a Digital Services Consultancy.

Our primary aim is to demystify the technical aspects of your Brand and Marketing, taking full advantage of best practice Digital Solutions that will maximise your Reach, Engagement, and Conversions.

We consult, engage, and facilitate with our Clients, ensuring campaign & project goals are achieved with clarity and meaningful insights.

Our strategic partners are specialists in their respective fields, and combined, we have have a wealth of many years' experience on offer.


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This is what we Do


We help you see what you didn't realize you needed to know.

Through data wrangling, mapping, and strategy, we take your disparate data-sets and provide you with a single point of truth, saving you from excel hell.

Additionally, our Data Robot can be connected to your systems, and enable your company to truly become an AI-Driven Enterprise with Automated Machine Learning.


We generate and drive new business leads directly to your Contact Centre Agents and Dialers, via mail or integration with your API.

We are compliant with the Consumer Protection Act, The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, as well as already being in line with impending POPI requirements.  

Our data is also fully compliant with the DMA’s Centre of Excellence, and is opted-in. We can also run warm-up campaigns for pre-qualification.



Attention & detail goes into every pixel, as your website is one of the first digital touch points of your business.

How fast your page loads, the overall user experience, call-to-actions, and effective messaging, are but a few facets of best web design principals. Your website needs to seamlessly scale from desktop to mobile devices, all while still providing ease of navigation, message clarity, and engagement.

We ensure that your brand does not go lacking, and we also further help extend your reach across to your various social platforms.


Experienced from Lead to Outbound, we assist our clients in communicating their objectives. 

Through analysis and reporting, we compare your various lead sources, which we use to optimize lead spend,

We facilitate with agent training and system optimization, in order to increase conversions, mitigate VM's and lead-burn, and enhance cross-selling and retention.


Is your customer list missing vital extra information, that could be crucial to the success of your business?

We can enhance your data with a wealth of segmented, demographic, and location data. We offer the service of Data Enrichment per field, as well as full demographic and location audits.

Our data consists of many fields, such as: Age, Gender, Region, Marital Status, Vehicle/Home Owner, Income Group, Credit Products, etc...


We don't merely send our clients leads, and are done.

Through constant analysis and enhancing of existing data, campaign feedback and reports, we are able to refine our targeting, in order to exceed the traditional thinking of Data Management.

All converted sales are data points, which we use to create Response Modelling (Best responding data segment was; Female, 25 y/o, Gauteng, Credit Card user, for ex.), and Propensity Modelling (Best segment with the propensity to purchase your product is; Male, 35 y/o, vehicle and home owner, for ex.)


Let's get in touch, so we can provide your business with greater reach, expanded branding & product sales opportunities, as well as increased new client conversions & greater retention.

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